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Click here to complete our “Ship Strips Request Form”. To Drop Off, click here to view our Drop Off locations in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Charlotte and Atlanta.
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Shipping your test strips to us is easy and hassle free.  Learn how you can receive cash for strips within two days.

How It Works

The Safest, Most Secure Way to Sell Test Strips

Diabetic Test Strips must be unused, unexpired and in the unopened original manufacture box.

We understand there are many choices on the internet to sale your unused, unexpired and unopened diabetic test strips. Dollars For Strips take the safety of our customers, employees and public awareness very seriously.

If in the Philadelphia, PA or Baltimore, MD area, you may visit either location to drop off and pick up cash for qualifying diabetic test strips.

Turning your unused qualifying diabetic test strips into cash is completely legal. Simply follow our program guidelines for a successful transaction when doing business with Dollars For Strips.

Click here to review our FAQs or review the information on the right to ensure you receive your cash for diabetic test strips within 2 business days. We also offer pickup service in certain areas where we are located.

Is it legal to Sell Diabetic Test Strips?
The short answer is, yes. Test Strips are sold over the counter at most major retailers and you do not need a prescription to purchase them. The only test strips that CANNOT be sold are test strips paid for by Medicaid or Medicare.
How do you pay for items sent?
We pay either via company business check or money order.
Do you pay for Damaged Boxes?
No, we do not. Damaged boxes will either by thrown away or returned to sender and sellers expense. If we feel the box can still be used, you will be reimbursed partially.
How much do you pay for shipping?
We pay up to $8 for 5-12 boxes, and up to $25 for 13-25 boxes. If you are shipping more then 25 boxes, please let us know and we will make arrangements.

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